The image quality is quite low, obviously, a student took it with a mobile phone, but the
low quality of this image never prevents us from getting that feeling. I am inspired y you, my
teacher, Seval.

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Bless your heart. has been accepted.Victories are not only a positive,
beneficial and honorable result, but also a beginning. The victory won at the end of the
tough battles in Çanakkale is the beginning of a happy ending that needs to be examined

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separately. A Mustafa Kemal sprang from the place where the cannonballs fired on the shore
by the powerful enemy navy, equipped with the most modern and advanced technology of

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the age, fell. Yes, this great soldier was born in Çanakkale, in a sense, by successfully
commanding the troops far above his rank. Our nation had the chance to get to know this
great man

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for the first time with his success and reliability in Anafartalar. The Çanakkale
Wars also provided great usefulness to Mustafa Kemal, and witnessed the bravery, courage, free email services providers

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success and faith of the Mehmetçik who fought in their troops very closely. These wars were
Mustafa Kemal’s. It is the place where Anatolia embraces and mingles with the people of
Anatolia. The enemy defeated in Çanakkale returned to these lands with an occupying

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mentality after the Armistice of Mudros (where he was expelled. The occupation forces
found Mustafa Kemal, whom

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they had known as a staff lieutenant colonel in Çanakkale in
Anatolia, this time as a commander-in-chief who was integrated and fused with his people.

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The result of the wars for the future of Turkey is the truth of Mustafa Kemal.This great
leader, who grew up from the heart of our nation,

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shone for the first time in the trenches of
Çanakkale, gained the trust of the nation and became its hope. Proceeding step by step, it

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first gathered our nation in the unity of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, and proved
itself as the only savior when the enemy poured into the sea in Izmir. The Turkish Nation,
along with Mustafa Kemal, completed the path that they started from Çanakkale by

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following his footsteps until the end, and eventually reached the republican government
they deserved. He said to his soldiers in Çanakkale: “I am not ordering you to attack! I
command to die!”

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The powerful voice that said, echoed from the rostrum of the Grand
National Assembly of Turkey on October 29, 1923: “The form of government of the Turkish

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State is the Republic!” The Turks stood like a fortress against the forces that had the most
advanced technique of their time, forcing Çanakkale. Today, we will commemorate the
architects of this blessed and sublime victory, and once again celebrate their glorious victory.
We owe a lot to our ancestors who won and gifted us today. We commemorate all of them
with respect. During the Çanakkale War, “I do not order you to fight, but to die.” A minute’s
silence will be held for Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who made his soldiers proud by saying, and
our soldiers who fought for their homeland and honor in Çanakkale, and those who were left
behind, and then our National Anthem will be sung. I am writing this letter to you, benefiting

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from the trip of Hulki Efendi, one of the clerks of my headquarters, to Istanbul. A few days
ago, I sent you a postcard in which you will find sweet words. Life here is not so calm. The
bullets can’t stop from exploding above our heads. Bullets are buzzing and the noise of
bombs is mingling with that of the cannons. According to them, two heavenly outcomes are
possible, either being a veteran or a martyr. Do you know what the last one is? Straight to
heaven. I decided to feel the good side of it. I received the letter of advice-amiz while sitting
thanks to a pear tree by the side of the stream that runs through a beautiful green plain like
the Divrin Plain (Niğde). I read it again. I am glad that I am in such a beautiful and sacred
duty. I opened my eyes and looked into the distance.