NFT Lesson

Ankara University Rector Announced: NFT Lesson to be Given for the First Time in Turkey

Ankara University Rector announced that the “Introduction to NFT” course has been added to the elective course pool with his social media post.
NFTs can be described as the most extreme point that virtual assets can reach (for now) in the digital world we live in. NFTs, which can be translated into Turkish as ‘money that cannot be exchanged’, appear in every field from works of art to games, especially in recent months.

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Any kind of data in the digital environment can be NFT. This universe of data, beyond virtual entities and identities, almost writes the story of the future. This is exactly why it is so important. A group of academics will have aimed to complete the lack of knowledge in this field, so the “Introduction to NFT” course has been added to the pool of elective courses at Ankara University.

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Ankara University added the “Introduction to NFT” course to its elective course pool. Necdet Ünüvar, with his Twitter post, announced that the “Introduction to NFT” course has been added to the elective courses pool. Rector Ünüvar, news “With today’s senate decision, the “Introduction to NFT” course of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Basic Art Education has been added to the general social elective courses pool of our university. Congratulations to our university and our students”.

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In this way, Ankara University became the first university to give lectures on NFT. The course added to the elective course pool of the University’s Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Basic Art Education, for the first time in the next academic year; It will be given in a branch with a quota of 70 people in the spring semester of 2022. If you want to know more about these digital reflections, which will be mentioned frequently in the future, you can ask “What is NFT, what is it good for?” Check out our content.

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The Best TV Series Broadcasted in 2021, Bringing Pleasant Moments to the Viewers

While 2021 was ending with good and bad, there were foreign series that we watched with a pleasant voice and passion in the dome that remained behind. While some took the world by storm as soon as they were released, some managed to penetrate us section by section. Let’s take a closer look at the best TV series of 2021 and the stories they tell, according to IMDb scores.
2021 was different for everyone. Some have found the love of their life, some are one step closer to their dreams, and some are introduced to new foreign TV series that they watch every second of it. As the number of digital broadcasting platforms increases, the number of great TV series we come across is also increasing. So much so that some of them affect the world on the day they are published, and some turn into a legend by penetrating us section by section.

First of all, let’s say that a lot of foreign series were broadcast this year and we could only get the ones with the highest IMDb score on our list. However, we are sure that there are dozens of different productions that have won the hearts of the audience, even if they do not get enough points and are watched less on platforms such as IMDb. Let’s take a closer look at the best TV series of 2021 and the magical stories they offer to their viewers, according to IMDb scores. The best TV series of 2021:
Arcane / 9.2 / Netflix
Dexter: New Blood / 8.9 / beIN Connect
Invincible / 8.7 / Amazon Prime Video
Mare of Easttown / 8.5 / HBO Max
Maid / 8.4 / Netflix
Loki / 8.3 / Disney Plus
Only Murders in the Building / 8.1 / Hulu
Hawkeye / 8.1 / Disney Plus
Squid Game / 8.0 / Netflix
WandaVision / 8.0 / Disney Plus
Sweet Tooth / 7.8 / Netflix
Midnight Mass / 7.7 / Netflix
What If…? / 7.7 / Disney Plus
Shadow and Bone / 7.7 / Netflix
The White Lotus / 7.6 / HBO Max
Lupine / 7.5 / Netflix
The Wheel of Time / 7.5 / Amazon Prime Video
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier / 7.3 / Disney Plus
Behind Her Eyes / 7.2 / Netflix
Clickbait / 7.2 / Netflix